Blackboard contains a wiki tool, a collaborative writing tool to which students can contribute. Together with a partner, take 10-15 minutes to learn a little about educational uses of a wiki, and to identify at least one learning goal for your class that might be achieved through the use of a wiki.

  1. Visit the Wiki resource in the Resources area of this website/blog for a relatively brief synopsis of wiki and its uses. (Look, particularly, at the Pedagogical Potential link in the section on Wiki Pedagogy.)
  2. Talk with a partner about your class and the role of writing in a hybrid/online version of it.
  3. Identify at least one concrete activity or assignment for which the wiki might be an appropriate Web 2.0 tool.
  4. Be sure to share any reservations you may have about using a wiki in your class.
  5. Post your responses as a comment on this assignment.