This is a sample first post for a course blog.  Take 3-5 minutes to poke around the website/blog, and please comment on its usability. Are you able to find things like the syllabus and assignments?  What would you like to find, but can’t?

There are lots of ways you might use a blog as part of the course.

  1. The blog could be a place for regular announcements.
  2. It could be a place to pull in interesting course-related material that isn’t part of the regular course.  Many teachers bring news articles or side material to class on occasion. The blog could easily function in this way.
  3. The blog could be fully integrated into the course as a space for information to which students must respond each week.
  4. The blog could be a place where different students might take responsibility for a distillation of class discussion or an overview of key points from a reading or learning activity.
  5. Others?