Blackboard has a Blogging tool installed in it, and it is definitely worth considering possible uses of the blog for your online/hybrid class. In this assignment you’ll work with a partner to consider aspects of the blog tool that might fit well with one or more of your learning goals for the course.

  1. Visit the admittedly minimalist blog resources page in the Resources area of this website/blog.
  2. Take a look at 2 of the course blogs at Blogs@Baruch.  Consider how they’re using blogs in those classes. What uses strike you as possibly working with your course goals?
  3. Turn next to the student eportfolio blogs at Macaulay Honors College.  Find two blogs that strike you as interesting, or potentially interesting from the perspective of your own class. There are a lot of mostly empty blogs there, so this might take some time.  What are the students doing in the blogs that strikes you as educationally valuable?
  4. Identify a way you think blogs might support your course learning goals, or the goals of a specific portion of your course. (If you’re stuck take a look at my own list of possible blog uses, found as a post on the Course Blog for this demo website/blog.)
  5. Post this possible use of blogs in your class as a comment to this assignment.